Your Homebuying Experience Matters to Us

Over the last year, many home shoppers have seen significant increases in residential market demand and the resulting challenges in finding and purchasing the right home. Through this entire period of time, The New Home Company’s consistent focus on putting our homebuyers’ needs first and ensuring we fulfill our position as the Most Recognized Builder in Customer Experience has been unwavering.

We believe the process of buying a home with us should be RESPECTFUL, FAIR & CONSISTENT no matter what the market is doing. That’s why we have been steadfast in our standards around a company-wide sales process:

  • NO CAMPOUTS: our sales process can be honored from the comfort of your home; tents should be pitched for family camping, not homebuying
  • NO BIDDING WARS: offers over the stated price do not influence priority order. Our pre-established priority order determines your position to purchase
  • NO AUCTIONS: the value of our home, as well as the lives that reside in them, should not be up for auction

Our company’s mission is to build better lives and create lasting communities for real homebuyers. Have questions on how The New Home Company delivers that mission? Reach out to one of our Online Sales Concierges today and start the conversation at or