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The New Home Company Creates Brand Advocacy through an Award-winning Customer Experience
The New Home Company Creates Brand Advocacy through an Award-winning Customer Experience

The New Home Company understands the importance of providing a great customer experience. Consumers value it, they search for it, and when they find it, a superior customer experience will be rewarded with customer loyalty and more. Of course, this is a truth that transcends all industries. But if it consistently holds true for commonplace everyday spending habits, just imagine how vital it is for brands to provide an exceptional customer experience for people making important life changing purchases as momentous as buying a home.


For most people, buying a house is a very involved process. It takes time and effort and a considerable amount of emotional investment, which is why the New Home Company has built its philosophy firmly on the foundation of best purchase and ownership customer experience practices. For one of California’s most successful homebuilders, New Home prides itself on helping customers build better lives.


“The New Home Company stands by our homeowners long after their decision to purchase with us is made,” Joan Marcus-Colvin, New Home Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Design, told Loyalty360. “We believe that the service and support we provide our family of owners starts on the day they visit our models and extends years after their new house becomes a home. We know that every interaction we have with our buyers during their purchase experience is a chance to help build lasting and positive memories.”


New Home has maintained this level of commitment to its customers for decades, and these efforts have not gone unnoticed.


For the third consecutive year, New Home was honored with the 2015 Eliant Homebuyer’s Choice Award for Best Overall Customer Experience. This is also the third consecutive year New Home has received “The Eliant” for scoring ahead of the competition in the multi-divisional builder category.


Because of its dedication to providing an extraordinary customer experience, the brand was also honored with an array of additional Eliant Awards including four “Premier Awards” for Design Selection Experience, Construction Experience, Overall Quality and First Year Customer Service.


In total, the company was proud to accept eight Homebuyers’ Choice Awards this year.


“The Eliant Award is the ultimate recognition of the service we provide because it is judged by our customers,” said New Home CEO H. Lawrence Webb. “All of us at New Home strive to be the best in our business every day, so to receive these awards is a great honor.”


For more than 30 years, Eliant, a customer experience management agency, has been observing and assessing the new home buying process for customers. Eliant selected New Home for its prestigious annual award after collecting the results from over 72,700 recent homeowners and 128 leading North American homebuilders.


This award-winning level of excellent customer experience has not only earned New Home the respect and recognition of industry peers, it has helped transform loyal customers into true brand advocates.


“We are proud to say that we have had many customers that have purchased homes from us in more than one of our communities, and we can say with confidence that almost every one of our customers would refer us to friends and families who might be in the market for a new home,” Marcus-Colvin added.